Adding an additional top-coat to your existing roof can be a great cost-saving way to not only seal your roof from the hazards of N.E. Ohio weather, but can also greatly extend the life of your asphalt based roof system. We also highly encourage our commercial customers to apply a liquid rubber based latex to any newly installed E.P.D.M. Rubber roof. This liquid top-coat will extend the life of your rubber roof as it is an additional air and water barrier.

Modified torch-down applications are an industry mainstay due to the remarkable versatility this application has. Whether you have a smaller roof and wish to have a new Modified torch-down system, or and existing Modified roof that needs a repair, we can safely get the job done. We also have great success installing this roof system to residential roof systems that have trap areas that tend to retain ice and snow. This durable asphalt based roof system has been around for a long time for a reason.

Our commercial and industrial customers pay special attention to this picture because what you are seeing is a result of lack of proper maintenance and / or, a poorly installed roof system that is not designed to drain properly. Water dynamics are simple; water runs downhill by the path of least resistance, right? Well, what happens when your commercial drains are clogged or improperly placed and the water has nowhere to go? The above photo is an example of such.. Should this water freeze, you may be surprised at the eventual outcome. Ice formed the can destroy your roof too.

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