Approximately 13 years ago we replaced all three of our flat roof systems on our church. After repeated problems it was determined that we needed to replace these roofs again and we began searching out a contractor to install new rubber roofs on our church because the original contractor and the material manufacturer would not honor our complaints. We chose Donald Bender and his company for the project  in 2009 because we were impressed with his pricing and his knowledge of Commercial Roofing. Roof Recovery Systems installed new E.P.D.M rubber  to all three flat roofs to include re-designing a pitched slope on a flat roof that they tore off and re-built, also installing an additional drain to ensure proper water shedding. Since this project we have had no problems whatsoever and could not be happier. With this new roof came a maintenance contract that protects us against all future hazards. In 2011 we experienced a tree falling and a limb from the tree penetrated the new rubber roof and even penetrated the steel. We contacted Donald Bender and he was there with safety tarps within hours. After securing tarps and sealing them in such a way as to stop the water from coming into our church, Donald then took over the insurance claim process and coordinated the inspection with the insurance adjustor and then fixed our roof exactly as it was initially installed. Thank you Roof Recovery Systems.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church- Mentor, Ohio