Located near the West Side Market in downtown Cleveland this project was fantastic from start to finish,

Having removed 100 year old slate from this century home, our crews had to loosen existing 1"x8" decking from the rafters and affix sister-joined rafters to straighten out the roof. After doing so, we then opened up the existing fascia boards and extended the rafter-tails approx. 30 inches so that we could create a new, larger soffit overhang. Next we installed 4'x8' sheets of foam insulation with 1/2" O.S.B. laminated to it for a fresh and insulated surface. Our next step was to install 30lb Titanium Underlayment and Grace Ice and Water shield to the new deck.

We were now ready for fabricating and installing the metal. As you can see, the clean lines and depth of color that this special order metal creates very nicely accentuates the earth tones from the 100 year old brick. This project was truly a pleasure to complete and a fantastic addition to our wealth of experience.

Donald Bender

Roof Recovery Systems